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The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". Renowned queer tattoo artist and owner of Torontos Outcast Club Tattoo Shop, Lee (also known by the IG handle, RAT666TAT), is a non-binary tattooer devoted to cultivating safe spaces for POC and the LGBTQ+ community. Di, Is this really the answer to all yalls problems, Even though she didnt win in BOTD! The person tattooing you definitely has the power; if they make a bad comment, it can be traumatic. Ian is nice and gentle. Pronouns: she/her. I want so badly to see us all continue doing the work to set a foundation for a truly inclusive industry. 1101 N. Arlington Avenue Shop Hours. Reclaim your queer fairytale with this LGBT tattoo featuring a rainbow behind the almost colourless Disney castle. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. []I am forever grateful to have a shop owner and mentor who raised me to be kind, considerate, and do nothing more than share my passion with others.. Decoration is part of it but its the healing aspect that really inspires methe reasoning behind it. The Rue Morgue Tattoo Gallery offers tattoo services to clients in the Indianapolis area and nearby communities. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Now consisting of three licensed and insured neurodiverse and LGBT tattoo and piercing artists, our customer care is unmatched. Photo courtesy of Philippe Fernandez via Guik. As queer individuals, some of us have experienced cultural and interpersonal trauma; trauma which is often stored throughout our bodies, or which may revolve around our bodies, making the process of being tattooed feel extra vulnerable and complicated at times. - Our team comprised of skilled Artists & Registered Nurse are committed to offering you the highest standard for your tattoo and body piercing needs. The LGBT community has many symbols that represent this community as a whole. While her positive experiencesas alesbian tattoo artistare heartening, Taylor facesobstaclesunique to womenand LGBTQIA+ identifying artists. The tattoo came out great. For Kevin Roy, the joy of being a. is in helping queer-identifying clients cultivate their unique identities. Even though society has taken great steps forward, the LGBTQA+ community is still looked down upon in some communities. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. I want it to keep growing, Im going to get my friend Caro Ley involved to help me organize itmaybe start a rating system. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Read More - Radical Tenderness: Interview with Tattooist Mab Matiere Noire. Ive heard about millions of comments about someones physique. In addition to being a tattoo artist, Cheryl is openly transgender. Meraki Ink. Zero is also revered for their bright and bold exotic birds, Blackwork insects, and Neo-traditional lizard portraits. The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". Why You Should Shop Local and LGBTQ-Owned. Philadelphia-based tattoo artist Kevin Royspecializes in vibrant, bold neotraditional tattoos with pop-culture and traditional influences. Give it a delicate touch with a simple italics font and a leafy wreath to retain its warmth and positive spirit. Moving forward in her career, Taylor foreseespositivechange for diversityand inclusivity. I love seeing fellow tattoo artists showing up as allies or coming out themselves. Through his own body of work,Kevinhopes to see the industry grow to beeven safer and more supportive of LGBTQIA+ people. Before getting an LGBT tattoo, you must have certain questions in mind, such as whether the tattoo shop youll go to, will be LGBT friendly or not. Prior to opening Two Thunders, when he worked at a walk-in tattoo shop in downtown Denver, Minock recalls certain clients who would come in and show visible discomfort with his identity as a queer artist. The Love is Love tagline has been an important emblem for the LGBTQA+ community. Thats what makes the queer experience so extraordinary.. Our owner, Leah, also offers discounted rates to fix or cover up old tattoos that may no longer align with your gender identity. Loads of artist have got in contact to say theyve got clients from people using the map. As a testament to the importance (and rarity) of accessibility in the tattoo world, Greene flew 700 miles from her home in Texas to be inked by Lin. My focus in tattooing is on my clients and friends, working continuously to accommodate everyone the best I can and to create a truly safe space for myself and others. [] No one should ever feel afraid or alone about their sexual identities or preferences that it brings them to suicide or to live inauthentically. Mishka is a professional tattoo artist who specializes in animal, nature, mandala, and geometric art styles. Justin is a professional tattoo artist who specializes in black & gray, watercolor, and neotraditional styles. Brandy is a professional body piercer who specializes in all types of body piercings. WebHot Love Tattoo is a collective of 6 expert tattooers, located in the Arts District of Tallahassee, Florida. Illustrative work, delicate floral pieces, traditional flash, script, realism, and even a neon trash panda all comprise tattooartistAbby Floodsversatile body of work. Comfortable working with diverse skin tones and bodies, Ricks elegant work complements the wearer through impeccable attention to detail and exquisite placement. She feels that permanently marking your skin is an inherently intimate experience that can be an especially sensitive event for people who have complicated relationships with their bodies. These LGBT tattoos are worn by people to articulate their feelings on their behalf and are both political and aesthetic. Since 2020, however, the Denver area has seen a new wave of tattoo shops that go beyond ink and instead focus on how they impact clients and the community around them. Read More - Leather Barbies and Beefcakes: Interview with Mr. Lauder. And now with permanent cosmetics taking up residence in ficarra's newest venture envus pride's sister shop newly opened just next door to my pride Frankie is sure to continue to go above and beyond ALL expectations on his rise to tattoo legend! She uses channels her love for her queer-identifying and BIPOC family as a driving force, forming deep and lasting relationships with artists and clients of all identities and walks of life. Follow Cheryl on Instagram @tattoos_by_fuhrer. My goal is to incorporate as much feeling and texture into my work as to express the world as I see it through my own queer lens.. One tattoo at a time. They also have this constant fear that people would stare at them, would criticize them, judge them, and whats worse, people might physically harm them. MondaySaturday: Noon10PM Sunday: Noon8PM Call about Holiday hours! Follow Taylor Finn on Instagram @mildsaucetattoo. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Tattoo shops in the United Stateswhich are largely run by straight, white menhave a reputation for upholding intimidating, macho ambiences. Which is why we've decided to create this studio together, and we can't wait to welcome you in. Each tattoo, whether large or small, visible or hidden, pieces together to weave a story of humanity. Meet 6 LGBTQ tattoo artists who are using their platforms to help the industry grow. No deadnaming here. Known for her emotive and hypnotic linework designs, self-taught queer tattoo artist Mab Matiere Noire is changing the landscape of modern tattooing through her bold single needle designs. As an openly bisexual artistwho just came out last year,Nordine hasmanaged tobuilda supportive network in the industry among clients, artists, and friendswhile also meeting challenges within his circle. Also, those who are not that into earrings or ear studs but still want to adorn their ears should definitely get these tiny rainbow hoops tattoo. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. When youre half-naked and lying on the table, what are you going to do? My idea was more to try to identify who these people were to try to promote their work and to say, OK, these are safe people you can go to. Ill only really get tattoos from people I know, or friends, so I know how important it is for the need to feel comfortable. Two stars because the owner (Ian) of the shop made incredibly unprofessional and inappropriate comments about his last client of the night as so Tattooed by Josh Mosh, had a great tattoo experience. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ( and or other merchants). Me and some of my friends went and got tattoos done and we all loved them. But since Iveopened up,my life has been substantially morepositive,and I feel like the only thing holding me back was lifted. The shop, called Wish Me Luck Tattoo, is located in Logan Square at 3323 W. Armitage Ave. Straight white cis men have dominated and gatekept this industry for so long that anyone who doesnt fit the script is immediately written off and their abilities torn down. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. Bisexual cis-gendered male tattoo artist at The Raw Canvas in Grand Junction, Colorado Mydrive intattooing was never to put pretty pictures on pretty people, but to experience strong emotions with people, to connect on a deeper level and move forward together.. Gay cis-gendered male tattoo artist at Blood Moon Tattoo Syndicate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Three Denver-area tattoo shops are pushing for inclusivity with trauma-informed practices, American Sign Language interpreters, and LGBTQ-friendly services. So, its only fitting that the industry should be home to artists of all identities and backgrounds. And the Rainbow ear tattoos are pretty famous among LGBT tattoos. He fit me and my friend in on a late night walk in, and did a great job, was clean, and professional. Read More - The Sanctum of Skin Rituals: Interview with Ant the Elder. Unboxing the PEAK Solice Pro with, Flamingo x @tiaberrys using the @fkirons Flux, Lets chat about Medium Stroke Length and the di. They feel very commercial, very straight. The triangle is usually blue, pink and purple to represent the fluidity of gender and sexual orientations between male and female genders. Turned on by BDSM, shibari, or erotica? Located in North Capitol Hill, Two Thunders Tattoo is a tribute to the two owners Native American heritages. Ashley. bio to come. Matching tattoos are also popular among couples, as a sign of their commitment and love for each other. My Pride Tattoo is a parlor for true artists and tattoo enthusiasts. After graduating with a BTEC Level 4 in tattoo design he has gone on to work for both private clients in tattoo parlours across the UK, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Just two years ago,I would not have been able to show up to an appointment wearing too masculine ofclothing,without someone in the shop saying something offhand. Working in a contemporary and Illustrative style, queer and non-binary tattooer Mr. Lauder crafts refined yet edgy designs depicting male erotica, gay icons, and personal symbols of strength. Pride is in everything I do. Faith plans to formally open the shop, billed as the first Black-, trans- and 1631 NE Broadway #715 Portland OR 97232, 5 Revolutionary Moments in Lesbian History. While in thepast, tattooartistry has been associated with cis-gendered heterosexual white men, were starting to see a rise of LGBTQIA+ and POC artists who are changing the fabric of former, less-welcoming tattoo shops. By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Part of that growth, Taylor maintains, is understanding that queerness comes in all styles. With this fineline lesbian tattoo, walk fearlessly with your partner, holding their hand, wrap your arm around them and maybe even surprise them with a loving embrace. The six coloured dots design is quite famous among other LGBT tattoos. Its tricky to find a tattoo artist you trust if you dont have a strong LGBTQ community nearby. Lots of people go to regular studios, have traumatic experiences, and never go back. As a female LGBTQ-owned business in a society that has historically been less than accepting, the Disruptive Ink Tattoo Studio seeks to actively break down barriers and disrupt the status quo. Since the LGBTQA+ community is sometimes treated as an alien race because some rigid people are just not ready to accept that there can be a range of sexual and romantic inclinations and one does not have to fall under a particular gender, this queer alien is an innovative LGBT tattoo idea. Two stars because the owner (Ian) of the shop made incredibly unprofessional and inappropriate comments about his last client of the night as soon as she walked out. Pronouns: he/him. Its hard with stereotypes to open up and be honest, so you hide, and it sabotages your life. The amount of care and time that goes into keeping the shop clean and sanitary is second to none! He also expressesitby remaining candid about his identityas a, Tattoo artist Taylor Finn boasts an eclectic variety of work that features American Traditional tattoos, fine line work, blackwork, and LGBTQIA+ imagery. Many choose to get inked with their personalized version of the Pride flag tattoo. Photo by, Meet the Trans Tattoo Artist Witch Using Their Ink as Power. The shop goes even further by providing American Sign Language interpreters at no charge, so no one misses out on the friendly shop banter. It only pushed me further to truly fight for what growth I wanted to see in the tattooing community. - Aaliyah D Write a Review Read More Gallery Contact Us Contact Call now (205) 438-6166 Address Get directions 2459 Old Springville Road Birmingham, AL 35215 USA Business Hours Hours of operation are convenient as well. 7625 W. Hampden AveLakewood, CO, Website Development and Design by Ktquiet LLC, Copyright 2022 - Disruptive Ink Tattoo Studios - All rights reserved. I do my best to advocate for myself and my community.. All things Colorado delivered straight to your inbox. Fairly new to the industry, Taylor has attracted like-minded clients, many of whom are female-identifying, queer-identifying, vegan, orall ofthe above. Pride is in everything I do. Two Thunders, which opened in November 2020, runs as a by-appointment-only business to ensure privacy and proper attention is given to each client. WebGolden Rule was voted Best Tattoo Shop and has housed the winners of Best Tattoo Artist in AZ for the last 7 years. Self-described as an oversharing, queer, non-binary artist from Montreal, Charline Batailles colorful Surrealist tattoos have made a splash in the LGBTQ+ community. In general, there is a good amount of homophobia and racism within the tattoo community, so thats something were trying to bring attention to, hesays. As a tattoo artist with nearly a decade of experience, Minock knows firsthand what its like to feel unwelcome in a tattoo space, which is why a pillar of his shop is inclusivity and what he calls homey vibes.. Learn more to close out Pride month! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. She uses channels her love for her queer-identifying and BIPOC family as a driving force, forming deep and lasting relationships with artists and clients of all identities and walks of life. I want to create an environment that educates non-queer-identifying people and supports LGBTQIA+ identifying people!. @fkirons was in the building at the God of Inks Ta, Artist @betsy.ebsen.tattoos protects her work + cl, Get into the Mamba Magic on this @apoundoffle, Lets go over some tips with PP Proteam @tattoos, The @peakneedles Dotwork cartridges are the hottes, We got our hands on the new Minimalistic Rainbow Gradient Line Tattoo. This shop is fully disposable and only the highest quality products are used. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When I worked in other places I didnt feel as secure, so I decided to distance myself for a few years. Since coming out, not only have my clients been truly amazing and supportive,but the extended tattoo community and online community has been equally kind to me[].. Its wearing a rainbow-coloured hoodie, and the tagline says DROPPED AT BIRTH/ FROM SPACE TO EARTH. 7 with 4.7 percent of its people identifying as gay. These symbols are often used to represent gender identity, nonbinary, and transgender individuals. Nordine uses his Instagram and personal blog to share his experiences as a polyamorous bisexual man, including hard truths such as his attempt at suicide. For Kevin Roy, the joy of being agay tattooartistis in helping queer-identifying clients cultivate their unique identities. Oftentimes, people turn the negative comments and tags given to them into something positive. WebAll Metro Portland & Vancouver Wa Tattoo Shops listed below are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer friendly, and are open to and welcome all people of gender and Join millions of people looking to find tattoo inspiration, discover artists and studios, and easily book tattoo appointments. Tattooing insults is a very empowering thing. Even in the 21st century, some people in some cultures still do not accept the LGBTQA+ community with an open heart. Read our. Focusing on emotive and singular motifs like thorns, palm leaves, and cut-off braids, Tine crafts an elegant world rife with sentiments of sorrow, beauty, evolution, and healing. It was definitely a fear of losing my career of 15 years when I decided to open up about being transgender. He has good prices and everything there is so clean and organized. Web-Colchester's Accessible Tattoo Studio- Opened 9th October 2021, Pastel Palace Tattoo and Piercing Studio strives to be the much needed change in the tattoo industry. Great experience, it was super comfortable, and an easy going setting. Through my work as a studio manager, I got to meet a lot of really amazing artists who are also great humans. WebTattoos Body Piercing Website (972) 685-2365 9722 Skillman St Dallas, TX 75243 CLOSED NOW 9. The cozy space has impressive spatial orientation, suitable for deaf people who are visually inclined. With the map you can see where you are, locate the people around you and see what their work is like. For trans people, in particular, there are so many occasions where people use the wrong pronouns. []I am forever grateful to have a shop owner and mentor who raised me to be kind, considerate, and do nothing more than share my passion with others.. Its great to see a shift in the way tattooing is done. Heres our guide to some of the many beloved hotspots opened by our neighbors. The Local newsletter is your free, daily guide to life in Colorado. East Indy Artists. Additionally, some couples opt for matching tattoos as a sign of their commitment and love for one another. I have a lot of queer motifs and flags that were done by queer people. My Pride!!! He is also the editor in chief at Outsons. LGBT tattoo symbols will never run out of relevance. The rainbow colours say it all. Flaunt your identity in pride with this LGBT Pride flag tattoo. Tattooingis an art form that represents countless styles, perspectives, cultures, and ideas. As a full custom tattoo shop and piercing parlor, all of our work is completely original. Read More - A Safe Space for Everyone: Interview with Tattoo Artist Katie Mcpayne. Anyone know any tattoo artists around Louisville Ky who are known to be LGBT friendly AND excel in realistic tats? The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". Celebrate equality for all people with an LGBT tattoo. We should be proud of who we are, and LGBT tattoos are an excellent way to express that. WebTranscend Tattoo & Piercing LLC. Tattoo artist Guik creates work that is raw, hand-drawn, and tailored to the bodies and experiences of each client. I want to be a voice of light and love in hopes of showing others to not hide from the world, but to love in their truths. Trans-positive quotes, buff, and sexy leather daddies, and charming Traditional style tattoos are all components of Zero Scars upbeat and romantic work. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE. Denver, CO 80202. Welcoming all skin tones, body types, and gender identities, Rio Juniper Wolf prides themselves on cultivating a tattooing space that feels inclusive, conscious, and safe. My goal is to incorporate as much feeling and texture into my work as to express the world as I see it through my own queer lens., Illustrative work, delicate floral pieces, traditional flash, script, realism, and even a, Being a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community in the tattoo industry, Abby also identifies as two-spirit, an Indigenous-specific label describing her gender expression and fluidity. It ranked No. Whether its inking scars from past sexual abuse or commemorating a sobriety milestone, Bird lets clients know they can take a break from the pain of the needle at any time. The LGBT tattoo art can support the community in many ways. At Artisanal Tattoo, our priority is creating a safe and welcoming space for ALL clients. The wide variety of LGBT tattoos has a common root in the persecution of LGBT people throughout history, most notably the Holocaust and the prime symbol related to this event is the pink triangle which was used during WWII to mark off homosexual men in Nazi concentration camps. Absolutely unprofessional and something you would never want to hear come out of your artist's mouth after trusting them with your body. Pastel Palace Tattoo and Piercing Studio. Although Nest opened only five months ago, Birds bookings are waitlisted. While there are a great number of non-queer tattoo shops working to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity, many queer individuals have experienced discomfort when immersed in the hyper-masculine, and at times, aggressive culture of certain street shops. We as a group have experienced first hand how hard it is to find a studio that caters to you, your needs and identity. This LGBT tattoo uplifts ones spirit and teaches one to embrace oneself without fearing judgments from others. You just fall. Welcome to the new wave of Denver tattoo shops delivering judgment-free settings. Overcoming thoughts of suicide and fears of judgment has allowed her to shine not only in her personal life but also in her career as a tattoo artist. Nice clean atmosphere. Source. When I started managing studios almost ten years ago in my first job, I worked for a female piercerjust us twoand it was great because the studio felt safe. Being trans was scary to let the world know but every day I seem to push a little more as being MTF (male to female). Despite feeling ostracized for his political views and identity by the industry, Guik has nonetheless formed closebondswith his clients as a result of embracing his identity and learning more about theirs. Tattooingis an art form that represents countless styles, perspectives, cultures, and ideas. However, you may visit "Cookie Settings" to provide a controlled consent. Of course, anyone can report any problem to us and we will take action instantly and find solutions together. The fineline technique has made the tattoo pop out beautifully against the skin. WebTattoo Artists Body Piercing Care; Professional Tattoo Care; Contact Us; FB. One point where things changed was when Brooke Candy and Grace Neutral promoted the mapwhen that happened, I started getting a lot of emails, especially from the US. I want humans to love freely and to live their best damn lives.. Youll find quirk, whimsy, and pop-culture icons in her body of work, including, My focus in tattooing is on my clients and friends, working continuously to accommodate everyone the best I can and to create a truly safe space for myself and others. While the internet is a great source of information please have a look at our FAQs before jumping to conclusions or asking friends what to do. The brains behind the brand: a veteran of the industry working for some of the biggest fashion and grooming brands in the UK. Whether they are composing traditional Trajva tattoos, Fineline floral chest pieces, or charming tiger portraits, Ciara brings an unparalleled level of respect, care, and authenticity to each design. They started to promote it, and just over a year later its spread all around the world. Dotted LGBT rainbow tattoo on the arm. We get a lot of recognition for that from our clients. Aside from traditional flash icons like frogs and panthers, youll also find characters fromPokmon, Avatar, and Crash Bandicoot in his body of work. Onisumi Tattoos Tattoos Body Piercing (214) 258-5564 9205 Skillman St Dallas, TX 75243 10. Watch: The Transgender Clinic Run by Trans People. Shes been recommending Nest to her transgender friends because she knows their chosen pronouns will be respected. Rather than occupying a large and open space like a beauty salon, each Nest artist takes clients to private rooms adorned with their own personal touches. They would never walk into a studio, which I completely understand. []I feel as though my style is finally cementing itself, and I have a clear vision of where Im going with this. Looking for an LGBTQ-themed tattoo but not sure what you want? I got my first tattoo when I was 12. He fit me and my friend in on a late night walk in, and did a great job, was clean, and professional. Join us as we dive deep into the symbolic meaning of the Jellyfish and show you the best Jellyfish tattoo ideas! The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. It started when I was living in Belgium and I got in touch with some artists I knew and wanted to include. While these bonds are invaluable, Flood has nonetheless encountered pushback in her career as a, My pride as a queer tattoo artist is shown through my actions every day, even if all I did was go to work. In the face of those challenges, Taylor Finn maintains her pride in her identityandher commitment to creating a safe space for her clients. Jamie has been writing for Outsons tattoo section since the beginning of 2017, providing informed and passionate content about the fascinating world of inked body art. They are indeed different because they have got more colours and a lot more love to give, more positive energy to radiate. I try to always be part of events where I can offer donation-based tattoos for folks who might not have a lot of financial means or flash day to support a good cause.. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. QueerCos is a business directory of LGBTQ owned businesses for locating and supporting LGBTQ owned businesses close to home and nationwide. Pronouns: he/him. I decided to set up Queer Bodmod Compass because I have so many [LGBTQ] friends who dont feel comfortable going to studios and would rather get a tattoo done at home. Kevin Roy shows his pride by promoting body positivity and incorporating as much color aspossibleinto his work. Tattooed by Josh Mosh, had a great tattoo experience. Geri Kramers quirky Traditional tattoos, Blackwork botanical designs, and Surrealist mushroom ladies create a carefree and magical world all their own. Losing Larimer: The Uncertain Future of Denvers Most Iconic Block, The Best Ski Run at (Almost) Every Mountain in Colorado, Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities. Everything youd want in an tattoo artist. Uves elegant and enticing tattoos ooze with sensuality and kink, creating exquisite queer-positive pieces. I do think the tattoo industry is becoming more accommodating for LGBTQ people, and lots more doors are opening up. Our society puts such constraints on humans and what we should do and be that so many choose to hide because of the fear of rejection, abandonment, etc., and I did it for a long time. Queer Bodmod Compass helps LGBTQ people connect with tattooists in their area that they can feel safer around. Read More - Take No Shit, Do No Harm: Interview with Tattooist Charline Bataille. It's an act that has the power to affirm your values, align you within an ancestry, or reflect how you want to be perceived. And while American tattoo parlors maintain a reputation as straight, cisgender, male-dominated institutions, a new generation of LGBTQ+ tattooers are pushing against this notion. She works hard to make her clients feel welcome and to promote a culture of kindness. We joke because we call it ink therapy, she says. With two locations, the original downtown Austin shop on historic Sixth Street and the second on Burnet Rs, they specialize in all styles of tattoo artistry. My pride as a queer tattoo artist is shown through my actions every day, even if all I did was go to work. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. Its really great to get so much positive feedbackit makes me feel like it really was needed. Nerd- and pop-culture tattoos collide with works of realism in Cheryl Fuhrers varied body of work. Lesbian cis-gendered female vegan tattoo artist at Copper State Tattoo in Phoenix, Arizona A tattoo by Caro Ley, one of the artists listed on Queer Bodmod Compass. Tattooing is opening up to an ocean of possibilities both visually and ethically, and Im extremely excited about this. For queer persons in the London area, non-binary tattoo artist Ant provides a safe and inclusive space for lovers of medieval occult tattoos, architectural renaissance pieces, and engraving style deities.

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