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The Minimus 7s actually require some power. These catalogs contained a mix of hi-fidelity stereos, amplifiers, radios, phonographs, speakers, TVs, CBs, communication equipment, desktop \u0026 laptop computers, electronic components, antennas, electronic test equipment, educational kits, electronic toys, gadgets, hand tools, batteries, and much more.Products from the RadioShack catalog were purchased by professionals, hobbyists, and everyday consumers. Turntable aficionados will stop reading, but Im confident that theyve never heard it. A wide-ranging collection of Radio Shack materials and support documents from the now-defunct RADIO SHACK Support site. Concurrently, key stakeholders began to question the direction of the company. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. In 1963, Tandy changed its business to electronics when it acquired control of RadioShack, a forty year old electronics business with nine stores and a mail order arm. With the Internet making it easier than ever for people to find interesting projects and to collaborate with others who share the same interests. Dave Tandy had a son, Charles David Tandy, who was drafted into the business during his early twenties. A lot of really fun and cool stuff coming. Decrease quantity for Status Portable USB Powered 4" Desk Mini Fan, Increase quantity for Status Portable USB Powered 4" Desk Mini Fan. I would recommend between 30-50 watts to really let them open up. More information. Realistic did not manufacture their own equipment. Our products include: Electronic kits & modules, Components, Semiconductors, Enclosures, Batteries & chargers, Power supplies, Surveillance & alarm systems, UHF radios, Test equipment, Tools, HDMI cables & accessories, Car cameras, Networking & IT accessories, Bluetooth audio, Solar & lighting, Books, TV antennas, And an array of amusing novelties and gadgets. Debra Cadet-Wallace . Add to cart. A small number of the stores were sold to a new company called T2 Retail Ltd formed by former Tandy (Intertan UK) employees, Dave Johnson, Neil Duggins and Philip Butcher[citation needed] who continued the RadioShack-style theme for a while, but these stores also closed in 2005. Tandy - Electronics & Accessories Home Electronics & Accessories Electronics & Accessories Items 1 - 10 of 229 Sort By microSD to SD Adapter Special Price 0.19 0.16 Was 0.39 Add to Basket microSD to SD Adapter Learn More Disposable IDC Tool 0.49 0.41 Add to Basket $14.95. TCE manufactured what many will argue is the best stereo receiver ever made. A good example of the LAB-400 will run you around $150-250. In 1986, Tandy Corporation decided to create a new corporation to manage its international operations. The LAB-400 was sold with a factory-mounted Shure R-100E moving magnet cartridge; a really inexpensive cartridge that offers excellent depth, detail, and stereo separation. Jaycar's Australian Business Number is 65 000 087 936. The silver finish makes the unit look far more expensive than it really is, and the solid metal knobs feel like they were machined with precision. Happy Day. [11] Despite selling computers through old-fashioned,[12][13] department-store-like Sunday-newspaper inserts[14] that emphasized price instead of technology and functionality,[15] by 1980 InfoWorld described Radio Shack as "the dominant supplier of small computers". Tandy Electronics Catalogue (UK, 1974-75) Go Back Misc. In the 1980s, now led by John Roach as CEO, the corporation started to invest into the personal-computer market, being one of the pioneers in the personal-computer race, being lauded by the magazine Financial World as "the driving force at the front-running company in the red-hot personal computer race".[2]. We follow carefully the latest developments in electronics and technology and are continually adding to our range so we can bring you the items you want. Audio-Technica cartridge users should delight in that knowledge. Entering the 1960s, aiming to broaden the company horizon, Charles Tandy acquired a number of craft retail companies, including RadioShack in 1963, then an almost bankrupt chain of electronics stores in Boston. [32] Remaining McDuff stores were closed in 1996.[33]. Also that year, the company produced an interactive, multimedia CD-ROM player called the Tandy Video Information System (VIS). Imagine finding a pair of Vandersteen 2C Loudspeakers on the curb down the block from your house. Radio Shack manufactured much of what they sold in audio, including stereo receivers, equalizers, cassette decks and power meters like the APM-200 featured in this article. In 1996, it was recognized as the 2nd fastest retailer to hit $2 Billion in sales. At Maplin we offer a wide range, so read on to find the ideal match for your home or office space. The Edge in Electronics, a now-defunct chain of boutique stores geared toward mall customers interested in fashionable personal and portable name brand electronics, debuted in 1990 and had 16 stores as of December 1993. Electronic components. Initially, these new stores were under direct ownership of Tandy Corporation. En soumettant ce formulaire, j'accepte que les informations saisies soient exploites dans le cadre de ma demande d'inscription la rception de la lettre d'information. GBP. That is anorak heaven! Realistic STA-960 Stereo Receiver Rear. Sign up to email & get a FREE Express Delivery code! Sixteen additional retail stores were opened in 1953, and by 1955 Tandy Leather was a thriving company with leased sales sites in 75 cities across the United States. I had that audio meter and it was still working 27 years later, when I unloaded it with the rest of my gear. By 1981, computers were the most important part of Tandy's sales. BC547B NPN Transistor. Considering the time period when RadioShack sold a lot of audio equipment, it made sense for them to offer a lineup of turntables. Manning Mall, Taree (02) 6552 3633: 3 Tandy. Owner's Manual for a Radio Shack TV Scoreboard. We foster promotion from within and develop our people as we continue to grow. A real walnut-veneered version; the Minimus 7W was rather popular. Owner's manual for the TRS-80 Model 100 portable computer. I could spend an entire article just writing about these loudspeakers. What makes it really work is the beveled glass front cover which allows the warm orange glow of the tuner dial and meters to really stand out. Tandy Electronics was an electronics retailer in Australia originally operated by the American Tandy Corporation, later International Tandy (InterTAN), acquired in 2001 by Woolworths Group. [20] That year, Tandy was the leading Unix vendor by volume, selling almost 40,000 units of the 68000-based, multiuser Tandy Model 16 with Xenix,[15][21] and began selling all computers using the Tandy brand[22] because, an executive admitted, "we were told by customers that the Radio Shack name was a problem in the office". Price. I do remember that. In 2012, Tandy Corporation Ltd, a UK company, acquired the UK rights to the Tandy brand from RadioShack. However, the deal made . So if you have a receiver with an A/B speaker output and love the look of VU meters (and who doesnt), then this is right up your alley. The STA-960 in this article is from 1981. These publications include: Tandy Electronics catalogues, foreign catalogs*, seasonal catalogs, training manuals, reference guides, pamphlets, special issue catalogs, model store plans, planograms, and other publications. Tandy Leather was operating 125 stores in 105 cities of the United States and Canada and expansion was the name of the game. Tandy Electronics 1980 catalogue. This plan was publicized as a strategy to provide intensive leadership and tailored management of the three distinct and diverse businesses of the company, each of which recently had reached a substantial size. "[18] Green suggested in 1982 that stores separate computers from toys to convince "middle-income (-class) customers that Radio Shack stores are not primarily dealers in schlock for the unwary lower-income people". An archive of vintage Tandy Computer & RadioShack Catalogs! I have a set of the Minimus 7 speakers in my garage. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [3] This successful formula helped the company expand into a chain of some 150 leathercraft stores. You do realise I have to find that turntable now. Youve probably heard of power banks handy portable power units, ideal for keeping your phone, headphones and other electronic devices charged up while youre on the go. Ive listened to it a lot. Tandy Corporation was an American family-owned leather-goods company based in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. There are all sorts of features and tech details that are important to understand to make sure you get the ideal cable for your needs. Tandy adopted the IBM PC compatible architecture with the Tandy 1000 and Tandy 2000 (19831984). If you have a love of electronics and would like to join a vibrant and expanding company, click here to view our current employment opportunities. Each Incredible Universe store stocked more than 85,000 items, and the stores' sales personnel did not work on commission. 1980/81 catalogue Click image below to download as PDF. The display features both illuminated VU meters and LEDs which is very uncommon as it is usually one or the other with the exception of the Luxman M-4000 which is very rare. They are going to my 13 year old for her first system. All catalog pages are displayed in 1080p HD (high definition). A new company called T2 Enterprises now continues using the old T2 Retail web presence as an exclusively on-line retailer stocking a range of RadioShack products and other electronics. Tandy Corporation was an American family-owned leather-goods company based in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.Tandy Leather was founded in 1919 as a leather supply store. It also, at the option of the buyer, may be built up as a 5 v/13.8 v dual power supply. In 1994, Tandy Corporation offered O'Sullivan as a public company. If you love electronics then you will love our online store. I just replaced them with some full range, folded horn units that I built but Ill not sell off my Minimus 7s. As I mentioned earlier, RadioShack had other OEMs manufacture their components. Its easy to use, wont break the bank, and provides plenty of entertainment. To view text clearly, set your . Contains 4 manuals: 1) TRS-80 FORTRAN Package User's Manual 2) FORTRAN-80 Reference Manual 3) Utility Software Manual (MACRO-80 & LINK-80) 4) Edit-80 User's Guide, Technical reference manual for the Tandy 1000SX personal computer. The LAB-400 was manufactured by Toshiba. The belt driven LAB-300 has less rumble than the direct drive LAB-400, and a better tonearm. We are passionate about bringing you the pieces to make your electronics and DIY projects possible and are always keen to hear from customers with suggestions for new products. History [ edit] From 1963 to 1986, RadioShack grew to more than 6900 stores and dealers in the United States, with a further 2,100 stores and dealers in Canada, Europe and Australia. Phono to 6.5mm (Quarter Inch) stereo jack plug. As a result, the two original founders came to an agreement in 1950 that Hinckley would continue to pursue the shoe findings business and the Tandy partners would specialize in promoting leathercrafts. The 1000 helped Tandy achieve a 25% personal-computer market share in 1986, tied with Apple and in second place behind IBM. And stick some insane cart on it. Being Realistic About Vintage Audio: The Budget Audiophiler. The Realistic brand benefitted from this level of exposure to hobbyists, computer nerds, and consumers who made RadioShack one of the leading retailers of consumer electronics. I had the smaller Minimus 5 speakers, which were in a silver metal cabinet. Short Description. Topics: manualzz, manuals, Radio Shack 4-CHANNEL STEREO SSM-1750 manual, 4-CHANNEL STEREO SSM-1750 pdf Radio Shack XoKoKa Superwide Owner`s manual, Topics: manualzilla, manuals, Old, Automotive, Radar Detector, Radio Shack TV Scoreboard [Owner's Manual], archer_project_board_power_supply_277-125_manual, Tandy Portable Disk Drive Service Manual (Software) 26-3808S, Radio Shack 61-2677C, Plug 'n Power 61-2677C Owner's manual. Any order any size delivered for just 2 using our standard delivery. This page is not available in other languages. Jaycar is a 100% Australian owned company with its head offices in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. And most were made in Korea, not Japan and Singapore. Most of these stores were closed as part of a 1994 restructuring plan, with 33 converted to RadioShack or Computer City Express stores. Tandy Leather Company Formed Charles Tandy returned to Fort Worth in 1947 a driven and demanding man with big dreams. In the mid-1980s, it began selling peripherals compatible with non-Tandy products such as the IBM PC. The company's board of directors then announced a plan to separate Tandy's businesses into three distinct publicly held companies. Bipolar Transistor NPN 45V 100mA. Nous sommes spcialiss dans la vente et le dpannage de matriel lectronique.Un atelier technique permet de satisfaire notre clientle pour un suivi srieux du Service Aprs Vente. 1994/95 Dick Smith Electronics Catalogue . In 1973 Charles Tandy embarked on an international expansion programme of the Radio Shack store format, the first Tandy store to open was in Aartselaar, Belgium in August 1973. Tandy stores in the UK sold mainly own-brand goods under the 'Realistic' label and the shops were distinguished on the high street by continuing to use written sales receipts and a cash drawer instead of a till as late as the early 1990s. In 1975, Tandy spun off Color Tile, a chain of tile and flooring stores, along with its other non-electronic businesses in 1975 to TandyCrafts. From protecting your posture to adding style to your setup, its important to choose the right chair for your needs. The obvious downside with such a small woofer and cabinet is the absence of any real low end. Non-company-owned franchises sold Radio Shack products, including computers, and non-Radio Shack items. This article is about the company that became RadioShack. New Products. Tandy Electronics1984 CatalogueAmplifiers, StereoAntennas, CBAntennas, TV/FMAntennas, ScannerAutosoundBatteriesBooksCables, AudioCalculatorsCartridges,. Green warned that the company needed to make "soul-searching, perhaps painful, decisions". (Sam's Club was the fastest retailer to hit $1 Billion.) Hats off to Charles Tandy! Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with. Catalogs Product details. To view text clearly, set your YouTube setting to display 1080p HD.Visit http://www.RadioShackCatalogs.com to view the complete RADIO SHACK CATALOG ARCHIVE, and see 1977-1992 Tandy Computer \u0026 Computer Related Catalogs (including the TRS-80 computer line) 1939-2002 RadioShack Full-Line Products Catalogs 2003-2011 RadioShack Electronic Parts \u0026 Accessories Reference Guides 1950-2012 RadioShack Sale Catalogs/flyers (domestic \u0026 foreign) 1970-2011 RadioShack TV commercials (videos) 1925-2006 RadioShack Electronic Parts \u0026 Accessories Advertisements Vintage Photos of Radio Shack Stores \u0026 Hi-Fidelity Show Rooms Tandy Computer \"Whiz Kids\" Comic Books RadioShack Historical Data RadioShack MemorabiliaAuthorization to the use of RadioShack related content has been expressly granted to RadioShackCatalogs.com to maintain historical records of RadioShack Corporation.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This YouTube channel and http://www.RadioShackCatalogs.com are dedicated to America's technology store RadioShack.Radio Shack has been in business since 1921 (over 90 years) as a leading national retailer of innovative technology products and services, including personal, mobile, home technology, and power supply products. I have them set-up in my dining room connected to the Fisher 400 and Im consistently amazed at how well they do with Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, the Avett Brothers, and other acoustic music. [3] At the time, there were 350 stores in Australia. Alan Bush, former EVP of RadioShack and Jim Hamilton, known as the "Father of Computer Retailing," were the strategists behind the rapid growth and success. According to a 1987 article by tech journalist Ron White, Roach committed to making 3,000 TRS-80's. . Weve noticed that the prices are going up as well. The stores were branded as RadioShack, however, because Circuit City lost the naming rights. Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia New Search eResources User Lists Feedback Help Collection Delivery Times Visitor Update: COVID-19 Ask a Librarian Due to major building activity, some collections are unavailable. In 1995, Computer City was recognized as the 2nd fastest retailer to hit $1 Billion in sales. Click here to find the store nearest you. Sonically its pretty close but I can see a lot of people listening to both and picking the Realistic model. The 2N3906 is a common PNP bipolar junction transistor used for general purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications. Tandy was one of three companies (along with Commodore International and Apple) that started the personal computer revolution in 1977 by introducing complete pre-assembled microcomputers instead of a kit. Post navigation Previous Next A cable is just a cable, right? I picked up a Realistic STA-78 earlier this year and I love it. Thats too bad, because this was a very serious mini speaker which is not common today. [4], Tandy's position in the market had some similarities with its local competitor, Dick Smith Electronics. If you love electronics then you will love our online store. $33.00. The Tandy Corporation (which started as a leather goods manufacturer) acquired RadioShack and the rest is history. For the modern leather company of the same name, see, Tandy's wordmark as used on its computer products, Logo of the resurrected UK Tandy Corporation, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of TRS-80 and Tandy-branded computers, "The Tandy Story: 10 years after the TRS-80 Model I", "Dorsett Systems Strengthens Position With 2 New Contracts", "The rise and fall of Shack, and how to fix it", "How Radio Shack lost their buyer focus and their business", "Tandy Radio Shack enters the magic world of computers", "Barbara Isgur talks to Ken Uston; an industry analyst speaks out", "The Tandy Anniversary Product Explosion", "Preliminary Final Report of Woolworths Limited for the financial year ended 24 June 2012", "Tandy To Close All Video Concept Stores -- Restructuring Will Shift Focus To Other Store Chains", Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, RadioShack Catalogs.com: Tandy & TRS-80 Computer Catalogs, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tandy_Corporation&oldid=1151991355, Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company (19191956), In February 2009, Woolworths Limited announced that it would be closing all, This page was last edited on 27 April 2023, at 13:56. It was farmed out to OEM manufacturers in other countries, specifically Japan and Singapore. These turntables are highly regarded and the word is start to get out and build demand. Would enjoy hearing what you think of the Sherwood tube integrateds, especially the ones with tube rectification. I turned the lights off multiple times just to enjoy the effect. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Photo Film - White, Maplin AA LR6 10 Years Shelf Life High Performance 1.5V Alkaline Batteries, Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera with FREE Case OR Album* - Pastel Green, Maplin AAA LR03 10 Years Shelf Life High Performance 1.5V Alkaline Batteries, Maplin Extra Long Life High Performance Alkaline LR6 AA Batteries x80 with FREE Universal Battery Tester, Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera with FREE Case OR Album* - Sky Blue. By 2001, all former Tandy stores had been converted or closed. The first Tandy Catalog, only 8 pages long, was mailed to readers of Popular Science magazine who had responded to two-inch test ads that were placed by Tandy. One of the last stores open closed in San Antonio, Texas in 2001. Your email address will not be published. Visit the electronics specialist. Some of them had Toslink optical outputs which made them a decent transport into a DAC back then. Our Thanks To: Art Holt and Richard Siergiej: Contributors of many catalogs on this page: More Radio Shack Catalogs: This Radio Shack site is beautifully done and fun to explore. The receiver is actually reasonably powerful and can deliver 50 watts/channel (8 ohms) and drive a lot of affordable vintage loudspeakers quite well. If youre baffled by batteries and stumped by sizes, weve put together a handy guide to help you find what youre looking for at Maplin! Manufacturer. Tandy also produced the short-lived Tandy 1100FD and Tandy 1100HD notebooks. Miscellaneous Home. They were great for a small space. Their TRS-80 (1977) and TRS-80 Color Computer ("CoCo") (1980) line of home computers were popular in the years before the IBM PC became commonplace, and had wide distribution in Radio Shack stores at a time when there were few computer stores. I picked up a Realistic STA-78 earlier this year and this thing is a beast. Youre right not a lot of great mini speakers today. The downside is that these receivers are not very common and are quietly sought after by those who know the quality lurking behind the faceplate. Druitt in the west of Sydney.[3]. The Jaycar Electronics Group announced its Founder and Managing Director, Mr Gary Johnston, passed away in March 2021 after a short illness. Wray Thompson subsequently resigned from his position as president and later started The Leather Factory with Ron Morgan, which eventually purchased Tandy Leather Corporation in 2000.[6]. Charles Tandy became intrigued with the potential for rapid growth that he saw in the electronics retail industry during 1962. It now operates as an on-line retailer of electronic components and kits at tandyonline.com. Cambridge Audio and Rough Trade are going to give you money to spend on vinyl when Andover Audio's SpinDeck 2 Turntable offers better functionality at the same affordable price. These catalogs contained a mix of hi-fidelity stereos, amplifiers, radios, phonographs, speakers, TVs, CBs, communication equipment, desktop & laptop computers, electronic components, antennas,. A good working example will now run you in the range of $250-400, which is still a lot cheaper than a Marantz 2245. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Tandy Electronics Australia1987 CatalogueAntennas, CBAntennas, TV/FMAutosoundBatteriesBooksCables, AudioCalculatorsCartridges, PhonoChemicalsCitizens. What are the different types of microphones? The first UK store opened October 11, 1973, in Hall Green, Birmingham.

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