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You will also see this as Level 100 Fully Fused/Fully Equipped. CMO Crusher is relatively easy to obtain and has a decent Medical stat, but she is not an Alien, so she must be accompanied by one. This yields 25 Chronitons per win x 6 tickets for 150 Chronitons. We will discuss that when we talk about the weekend events. Obtaining Crew When entering the Gauntlet, you will select a team of five Crew members that are broadly qualified . Perhaps the best measure of your strength in Star Trek Timelines is your crew. It's a worthwhile thought exercise, and one at the heart of the most recent Star Trek TV series, Star Trek: Discovery, which focuses not on a captain but Michael Burnham (Sonequa. You will spend a lot of time here. They add crew bonuses, increase the number of daily Replications, and raise your maximum Chroniton cap. 20. One of the bugs in the game currently is if you have the word Captain or certain special characters in your name, such as { or }, it won't let leadership be transferred to you. Star Trek's Enterprise Captains, Ranked From Worst To Best Star Trek's Enterprise Captains, Ranked From Worst To Best By Michileen Martin / March 15, 2021 12:48 pm EST With over a dozen. Just wondering what resource ppl use when stating "X crew is # for voyages". Modified from the IAmPicard tool. Disruptor Beam has generally been good about dealing with them, but there has also been a DB: Do Better movement going on for some time pressing them on their mistakes. These variations represent characters at differing points in their timelines, and may have different Skills and rarity levels. Next is a quick run through the Fleet screens. That way we had something to do and they fixed the event for the following week. Thus, event crew that is not fully equipped or fused may actually be more useful in the event than a related crew with higher abilities (without the bonuses). I have added captions as necessary to show what is what. Was it through IAP and other associated databases that are now removed. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Certain crew do well in the Gauntlet and will become annoyingly ubiquitous. Before we get into that, I will run through what you should do (and not do) to build a decent crew so that you can actually accomplish anything. Most recently, on a re-run of It Came From the Holodeck, which features Proton Paris and Arachnia Janeway, they had a bug related to recently adding Victory Points and Trainers to failed shuttles. At the beginning, do not keep any 1* crew. From Star Trek: The Original Series to Star Trek: Discovery, all of your favorites. Phenomenal in Engineering and weekend challenges, this version of Torres is also not too difficult to obtain. So be sure you maintain access to your email or update contact info if you change it. They respond to you at the email address you used to sign up with the game or that you linked to your account. You can be fully equipped (has all items) without being fully fused (crew can be from 1* to 5*. It shows scrolling through the crew, sorting by attribute, sorting by name or characteristic, deleting a crew member and then reinstating it. Every STAR TREK Series, Ranked from Worst to Best - Nerdist Trending Topics : The Flash The Witcher Indiana Jones GOTG 3 Picard The Mandalorian Star Trek Every STAR TREK Series, Ranked. It can be accessed via the Command Deck. You do see how I gained the other node with Torres. To put it in perspective, a 1* dismissed gives 25 Merits, 2* is 50, 3* is 100, 4* is 200, and 5* is 500. At the beginning, you may not have the crew to actually complete any of the missions. To do well, spin the Dabo wheel daily, buy as many Basic Rewards as you can afford, unlock as many nodes and missions as you can, and keep those Shuttles and Voyages running all the time. On the wiki, as far as I know, you can only rank proficiency of a single skill, but i'd like a list somewhere that shows what the best voyage crew are. It costs approximately $20 a week just to provide enough slots for new crew. You win ship schematics for your position at the end of each day. The amount increases to advance in levels from a few hundred XP at the early levels to tens-of-thousands of points at higher levels. I'm attempting to refine my crew for ship battles to inflict massive fast destruction so that battles are as fast as possible. Star Trek: Nemesis. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Skill range for single-star Crew. To get your free goodies--Merits, Chronitons, Credits, and Honor--meet daily goals. If you equip items on crew when it shows you can without concentrating on a goal, you will find that you will have 40 mediocre crew that cannot accomplish much instead of 10 effective crew. Below is a guide to the information contained in the tables. The real benefit gained from completing all of the nodes is to have Warp available for all missions, speeding up gameplay. ( Star Trek Into Darkness ) Flag officer starbase uniform Flag officer uniform aboard a starbase Run 100 extra tickets and you are probably in the top 25 (IF you get all the nodes, have the stamina, and the cash). Also, the best place to start when you're looking for a fleet at the beginning is Universal Chat. I chose to run some of both. Just wondering what resource ppl use when stating "X crew is # for voyages". When a Captain has more crew than available slots, additional crew are locked and cannot be used, viewed, or equipped. One thing that came to me as I was editing this (extremely long) article was this: the folks you meet and interact with in the game. This would be very difficult for most players to do now, as the crew to complete these is hard to come by compared to when the game was first rolled out. These titles were generally adapted from earlier Earth naval forces. The low number is the base skill plus the lowest possible Proficiency roll; the high number is the base skill plus the highest possible Proficiency roll. Set your phasers to stun and join Starfleet on an adventure through space and time to save the galaxy from temporal anomalies. Note: I believe that a great fix for the current Gauntlet problems of fighting the same crew over and over would be to split the Gauntlet into three divisions, just like the Arena has done for ship battles. One player claims to have never spent any money on the game until they completed all missions. With one notable exception, only identical Crew can be fused. 10 10x packs cost $65 worth of Dilithium. 3) If having trouble getting shuttles with good odds, try one of these two thingsa) add a boost before choosing crew; and, b) open more shuttles until you find the ones that only need 2 or 3 crew members. Do not ask me to add them. and our Today, there over 500 possible crew members. Next comes the Gauntlet, which is somewhat of a leveling factor between Whalesplayers who spend big bucks on the gameand normal people. Next are any special run packs that are available. Finally, Dilithium. You are an idiot if you think otherwise. Drawing from the entire Star Trek prime Universe, Adversaries contains more than 300 of your favorite starships and crew members. The season 3 finale, "The Last Generation," marked the end of the failing original Borg collective when the USS Enterprise-D led by Picard wiped them out. Most players do not like them and refer to them as a Clean out the Cupboards Event. NOTE: at the beginning, running one shuttle that will pass will tend to get you more points than running one pass/one fail. Each mission completed provides experience points, XP. It burns through your stored items you need to upgrade crew. If you are persistent and willing to keep playing, it is relatively easy to win all the prizes. For more information, please see our Only common and uncommon crew who are Alien (non-Human) can participate, regardless of gender. These tend to be easier to pass than the Away Team Missions at the beginning. Both crew take up a slot and can be used individually on the mission stages. Experience needed to level up is not cumulative, but excess carries over when a Crew increases in level. These are the basis for everything you do in the game. Completing all missions gives bragging rights. Crewman Lon Suder (VOY) 99. Boosts: On Thursdays, you can play your Cadet Missions for boosts. The game will actually walk you through how to complete each type of battle in the short demonstration you are run through at the beginning. Fails take you back down the points scale, so you may never make it to the high level shuttles if you keep failing half your shuttle runs. 767 days Top 10 Captain Tribble KP: 51.38 All Crew: 19% 5* Crew: 1% 2058 Max Mirror Mariner Ranked #1 DIP Skill Base Max (5*) Ranked #2 DIP Skill Ave Roll (5*) Ranked #6 DIP Skill Max Roll (5*) 32 days Top 10 Mirror Mariner KP: 91.06 All Crew: 96% 5* Crew: 92% 1538 Base Mirror Tuvok Ranked #5 DIP Skill Base Max (5*) First, the bottom left icon shows both the status of your Daily Missions, but also of your lifetime game Achievements. Meeting goals on both of these tabs provides rewards in the form of Honor, Merits, and Dilithium. If you want something you can complete and win, this is not the game for you. The low number is the base skill plus the lowest possible Proficiency roll; the high number is the base skill plus the highest possible Proficiency roll. I recommend buying extra Cadet Tickets to get as many boosts as possible. Lets start with the simple things you can do so that you do not appear to be a n00b, even when you are. Worldwide Box Office: $133 million. As such, you should aim to collect and upgrade the following characters for each skill: Ensign Ro has a great command stat when maxed and is also an Alien, Female, Starfleet. You also can spend Honor here. As of Apr 26, 2023, there are 1355 characters listed in the Cryostasis Vault. The locked crew are those I have out on Shuttle Missions currently. Their Random Number Generatorsi.e. -erickelly, Compare up to three crew side-by-side with this super easy interface, The Star Trek Timelines database on is developed by erickelly 2018-2023. All Crew begin with 1 star "filled". Cookie Notice You do not win the top prize, currently a 1 * of 5 (1/5) Caretaker. In this particular event, I am only playing to 100,000 points, as that is the last item I need. STAR TREK TIMELINES is the ultimate Star Trek sci-fi and role-playing mobile game with the battle on a spaceship in space. Who you can use is limited by who is in your crew, what level they are, and what VIP level you are. Her DIP base is only beaten by Tilly and Gaia Odo and she scores highly on the voyage ranks. As you saw, accidentally dismissed crew may be reinstated within a few hours. Occasionally some are easier or harder than their level indicates. As you advance in rank, being part of an active and successful fleet is important. The top ranking crew in Min/Average/Max rolls for every skill have a flame on their portraits. Second, in-game communications come as in-game messages. The best way to know if youve got the crew to open a node is to search both your active crew and your crew in Cryostasis for the trait needed and then scroll through to see if you have someone with the correct ability to unlock the node. The Honor Hall lets you buy things with the honor you get from getting rid of crew. One of the biggest surprise reveals in Season 3 of "Star Trek: Picard" is the identity of the villains hunting for Jack Crusher. Watch the video. Beyond 8 hours Chronitons gained begin to drop off, so I rarely go beyond 8 hours since it would start to cost significant Dilithium to continue. Caution should be exercised when fusing Crew, and it is recommended that the option to Fuse be selected from the "target" Crew member. And others can spoof your name with some carefully inserted spaces. For REALLY hard to build items, you may have to replicate items. Ezri Dax has great stats for both Medical and Security missions and challenges. If you divide the amount of Anti-matter you have left by 22, it will give you (roughly) the number of minutes your Voyage can run before failure. Crew with 2 or more maximum stars can be Fused together to create superior versions of themselves until all of their stars have been filled. Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home. Starbases are an important addition to Fleets. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). Crew Stat Tables provide an approximate comparison of a Crew member's stats as they improve. The Wiki,, also has a list of fleets link from the Fleets info. CAB Power Ratings are a system designed to help rank crew by their overall value, taking into account factors including their voyage power, potential event usage, gauntlet power, collections, and more. Yes, even a 99% chance will fail. Drone Magnus Hansen Magnus Borg Kirk Bailey Voyager Super Rare Crew Human Borg Exobiology Brutal Explorer Command Skill Security Skill Science Skill Attack Life Among . Aha, I missed something on the crew pages. I am talking about shuttles with 90+% chances of passing. Here are the top 10 Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, ranked. Now you can see exactly who is NOT a member of your Crew. Check and claim the rewards that expire daily. - New trainer usage flow that will decrease the time it takes to level up a crew. . The second problem is, as with any online game, server issues. Getting the best possible crew is accomplished like this: every time you amass 90,000 credits, buy some basic rewards. Now, click the menu bar on the top right of the screen. 10. You can get more slots by increasing your VIP level (spending money) or spending credits (at the beginning) or dilithium. Starting a starbase from level 0 means, you start on an uneven playing field. It is being shared as a learning tool, specifically for players of the Star Trek Timelines game, produced by . Disrupter Beam has been good about taking ownership of this type of interruption and sending out in-game communications with Chronitons or Sorrytrons as most players refer to them. The flag officer uniform was a two-piece outfit with dark gray pants and a white and dark gray flared jacket featuring a high collar. I usually prioritize mega damage dealers first and then attack speed after when the higher damage dealers are too low, but not sure if this strategy is best. My crew blows Wookie, I mean Tribble, chunks! Every hour you arent pushing shuttles, you are losing points. Shown is a fleet of one member with one squad. If you are the loanee, you get a free crewmember to use on shuttles. Equipment merely shows the stuff you have accumulated in-game and not yet equipped to crew or used. 2023 BlueStacks name and logo are registered trademarks of Bluestack Systems, Inc. Here are the 10 strongest, ranked. Certainly, they can be a pain to obtain, but, once you have them, you should do your best to rank (use Honorable Citations), train, and gear them. A small number of Crew Experience Training items are obtained upon dismissal. THE MOST POWERFUL CREW IN STAR TREK TIMELINES. What I got was a whole bunch of 4* Orion Traders. Scan this QR code to download the app now. I doubt it will, but supposedly it should. I also avoid using components. These are slightly more popular, but can still be grueling. You can use those Monday through Friday on all of the Cadets. Nothing good comes of him! She gets this news from none other than her old Voyager crewmate and . This can be done by viewing a crew member and tapping the dismiss icon. When you first start the game, some of these icons are not available or are greyed out. Skill range for Crew that have been fused twice, having 3/X stars. I try to use only replicator rations gained on the Sunday Cadet Missions or as rewards from events. Star Trek: Ranking The Uniforms From Worst To Best By Alice Rose Dodds Published Sep 6, 2022 Taking a deep dive into what the Federation fashion designers have to offer. You will generally do better with those than the three Premium Boosts you get from Epic Missions. If you click on the info icon on the Schedule page, it will show you what crew can be used. The two games that I return to are always Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2 and Sid Meiers Civilization series. Once you have cleared all of the special items from each node, you have completed that mission. Heres a quick video of how Gauntlet works: Oh, and winning the Gauntlet does not really net you any additional prizes. There are still bugssome seriousthat crop up. Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Absolutely DO NOT CHOOSE Admiral Riker. In "The Last Generation," the emotion is real and it runs deep. All aspects of the tool which initiated a game action (e.g. Are you listening DB? As a rule, 1* crew are not very useful. Nevertheless, a combination between Dabo Girl Leeta and Enterprise-D Captain Picard will do for most diplomacy challenges. Lt. Jadzia Dax is the easiest character to obtain that fits the profile here. To get the rare items, you have to get a critical hit on the node. Let us examine what you should and can do here. The exclamation point indicates that a battle can be started. As you complete each mission, the next opens. STAR TREK TIMELINES brings together heroes and villains from all of Star Trek history. Season 1 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the U.K., Latin America, Australia, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany . Thats actually one of the reasons I am taking it easy in this weekends event. Heres a quick video on how I go about upgrading/attempting to upgrade crew. For those of you who played the game and left, there HAVE been many improvements. Does anyone have a ranked crew manifest/list that shows the best crew in the game in order of most/best damage dealer for battles from highest to lowest? Crew members are assigned a Rarity, reflecting the quality of that crew member and their general difficulty to obtain. Difficulty increases with each successful run. It reinforced my belief that these packs are a waste of money. Next comes the cadet missions. One final gripe, as noted above crew slots are extremely expensive. The shuttles increase in difficulty and length as you progress. The next item over is for scan. Best attack/damage crew for ship battles by rank? I really enjoy the fact that it is easy to see what you have to do to complete each collection. While ship level makes a difference, crew bonuses will make or break you. Pick an Avatar. To start a mission, scroll through the large icons until you find the one you want and click on the Start Mission button. Star Trek Timelines | 74766 Lower Decks Chief Medical Officer Tendi Tendi Nol Wells 1069 ( 151 - 270 ) 1355 ( 198 - 354 ) 544 ( 48 - 148 ) Accuracy Ave Roll: 1280 1631 642 Max Roll: 1339 1709 692 KP Rating: 87.56 | 87% | 73% [+5%] 6 Traits | 4 Collections LOG IN to use the MyCrew System Voyager Ranked #3 SCI Skill Base Max (4*) Player-run community for the hit mobile game, Star Trek Timelines. You want to select your best possible event crew to loan. Later we will examine the best way to level crew. 100,000/500 (1 5* dismissal) = 200. Most of the rewards are garbage, but the schematics and the occasional better wintop rowmake it well worth the 5,000 credits. So, to buy a crew member for merits costs HUNDREDS of other crew members. This is stunning both for the artwork and for her usefulness. This is where you buy crew, boosts, Supply Kits, and Dilithium. 2 ylluminate 1 yr. ago I have not yet gained all of the special crew from the nodes. Now, almost 30 years later, Star Trek: Picard has pulled off a similar trick with a phenomenal conclusion to both the series, and its amazing third season. california section 8 payment standard, emergency drone risk of rain 2,

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