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Once in Baton Rouge, she wants to help the team achieve that elusive first NCAA national title and wishes to have fun with the sport, enjoying the team environment that is missing from elite. It was easy to end my career, in 1968, Boston said. So, a firefighter, I don't know, it just inspires me, she shared. Our kids had no choice. She was like, Yes, you can. She was like, I felt the same way, too, at one point, McClain told Olympics.com of her conversations with the Olympic champion. MyKaylas nieces, nephew, sister, husband and mom are with her in the gym. Valeri Liukin, a co-founder and owner of WOGA, had also built a relationship with McClain from his time as the elite development coordinator from USA Gymnastics. The top all-around scorer on the first day of the two-day camp is guaranteed to be on the six-woman traveling team, with one of those six being designated an alternate. The hope is to have her ready for the World Championships in the fall. In a recent clip for Yahoo Sports, Shawn Johnson discussed the possibility of a rivalry between Simone Biles and Konnor McClain. She's just really driven to go to the Olympicsat a very, very young age she's always wanted thisa great combination of work ethic, strength, flexibility, drive. I was like, Oh my gosh, what do I do now? And then each day, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is actually real.. Creating a Level 10+ Focused Team Program (Finances / Coaching / Athlete Selection / Facility / Etc), Daughter just turned 11, wants to hit lvl 10. So, I'm feeling really good about the next competitions and camps in the future.. This is a blessing, Susan shared. The team won't be selected until mid-October. And on top of that, she's super smart, very intelligent, makes corrections quickly, just really has the whole package.. Whether the E panel thinks this is a switch ring where the foot is too low or a switch leap where the foot is too high, she's losing 0.3 on the element. Takahashis greatest success came in 2010, when he became the first Japanese man to win an Olympic figure skating medal (bronze) and a world title. But I was not expecting the outcome that happened.. @simone_biles@usagym@gymnastics pic.twitter.com/BwLgNiOLXd, It's just something that we weren't expecting, Lorinda explained. . Gymnastics Championships on Aug. 21, 2022 in Tampa, Fla. Coming into Tampa, she cautiously listed her goal as simply hitting her routines. Learn how your comment data is processed. For her family, this was no surprise. Long considered a star-to-be for the 2024 Olympic quad, McClain positioned herself as just that, all while competing at what she described as 70 to 75 percent of her true ability. I'm actually really excited for [the trip to Germany] and excited for later in the season where I could hopefully put some upgrades in and be at my full potential and peak at worlds, said McClain. Last years national championships were held in Fort Worth, Texas, not far from McClains new gym, which is known as WOGA. But now, I feel like it's pushed me to be better at gymnastics and a better person. Behind the scenes, it wasnt always going so well. Consider donating to support our efforts throughout the year! Her sister was doing some backbend kick overs, and Konnor started doing backbend kick overs at 20 months oldthat's a little freaky for 20 months old and we have videos of it because I was like, no one will ever believe us, Lorinda shared. There were other milestones too, such as her first National Team Camp. Konnor McClain competes during the women's balance beam at the 2022 U.S. Beamon heeded the advice and advanced. Jordan Chiles finished third in her first elite meet since winning a silver in the team competition at the Tokyo Olympics. Let's not take this camp for granted. I mean, she loves my family. She says Morgan inspired her to speak up. Konnor is very close with her sister, and credits her as the main thing thats helped her mentally survive the difficulties of the pandemic, including that moment. I recognized Konnor's talent early on, and she's always been a super serious kid. Sacrificing family time. So long freezing cold West Virginia, hello sunny Plano, Texas. Uncertain. Like what you see? Instead, Jones who has faced hardships of her own this past year, and also lost her dad last December sat down on her dismount. Ongoing problems at her gym exacerbated, making her struggle with motivation. We get an explanation as to why its so important that gymnasts peak at certain times, and how challenging that makes the sport. Sunis family would fundraise for Suni to compete by selling T-shirts and doing a banquet where theyd invite friends and family. "We're just trying to get her back on track. At least until her dismount, which Jones underrotated, forcing her to sit on the mat, her hopes of a national championship gone. She has some wobbles and doesnt do her real dismount. This article is not a criticism of Shawn. This wasnt our initial goal anyway to do Trials or Olympics this year. As for her drivers license, she has her permit, but plans to wait a bit to get her license as she has quite a few things going onlike preparing for the Olympics. Empower Team USA athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence and well-being. They were like, What school is Konnor going to? And I was like, Let me join in. So I started it and then it became a thing, so I had to continue it all the way until I actually committed., Although LSU always felt special to McClain, she wasnt misleading fans when she appeared to be considering multiple options. By submitting my information, I agree to the, DiCello, Wong Headline 2021 Women's Artistic World Championships Team, Konnor McClain - Floor, WOGA Gymnastics - 2021 Women's World Championships Selection Event, Konnor McClain - Beam, WOGA Gymnastics - 2021 Women's World Championships Selection Event, Konnor McClain - Bars, WOGA Gymnastics - 2021 Women's World Championships Selection Event, Konnor McClain - Vault, WOGA Gymnastics - 2021 Women's World Championships Selection Event, U.S. To see Konnor McClain compete today, many people would happily pay a good amount of money. Kayla Dicello took fourth, with reigning Olympic floor exercise champion Jade Carey in fifth. Even in Mommy and Me class, Konnor McClain was precocious. I never thought this could happen, ever, McClain said. CROSS LANES, W.Va. (WCHS) Because of the pandemic, 2020 was a very difficult year for so many people. The reason Susan has been able to coach Konnor through her gymnastics career is that its such a small program, unlike some larger more acclaimed gyms. The infection limited her to only two events at Winter Cup, which was supposed to be her senior debut. McClain missed last months U.S. Classic, the main pre-nationals tune-up, while recovering from a concussion and stress fractures in both shins. In a split second, her Olympic dream was just 12 months down the road. "I felt forced going into the gym. But despite an error on the uneven bars McClain won the competition. Even the best in the world cant do it sometimes and has to take a break. Until then, I saw myself as just another local yokel, Boston, who called Owens a mentor and dear friend, said last year. I just know that., Shilese Jones Star Turn Puts Her In Pole Position Going Into Day 2 At Gymnastics Nationals, When School Let Out, These Three Star Gymnasts Resumed Their Quest To Be The Best, Juniors Dulcy Caylor, Tiana Sumanasekera Represent A Talented Next Generation Of U.S. Gymnasts. OlympicTalk is on Apple News. Her and her sister are super closeother than a good gymnast, she's just a good person. Then, step-by-step she marched toward that goal. For Susan, the meet was memorable for an entirely different reason. But I think one time she had a headache and missed a practice, and that's really the only time I can think of her missing a practice. Per communication with her mother, Konnor McClain will not be competing this weekend at the U.S. Championships or at the Olympic Trials in a few weeks. So that was a shocker. Theyre not medical professionals nor dietitians. In this instance, the balance check on the landing cost her another 0.3 or 0.5 (depending on whether it was deemed medium or large). "She was like, 'Yes, you can.' She was like, 'I felt the same way, too, at one point,'" McClain told Olympics.com of her conversations with the Olympic champion. I teared up a little bit because I was just so sweet and so special. The news left McClain overwhelmed. McClain, the 2019 U.S. junior all-around silver medalist, was originally too young for the Tokyo Olympics but became age-eligible when the Games were postponed one year to 2021. Theres a somber mood as the first night of championships. That was really good to see.. Konnor is really technically a beautiful gymnast on all the events. She just really has that attention to detail, and she's had it since she was a kid from the toes all the way to the fingertips.. After a while, MyKayla grew to enjoy the sport, but it was taxing on their family. Gymnastics Championships on Aug. 11, 2019 in Kansas City, Miss. Not yet 2 years old when she . What Susan and Konnor decided to do about the news was also unexpected. She's rediscovered herself at Dallas-based World Olympic Gymnastics Academy, owned and operated by Valeri and Anna Liukin, the parents of 2008 Olympic champion Nastia Liukin. Boston broke the mens long jump world record six times between 1960-65 and shared the record going into the 1968 Mexico City Games. Wearing a bedazzled red leotard with her bun held in place by a matching red scrunchie, McClain was up by a half-point going into the final rotation but lost her balance while trying to complete a wolf turn spin on floor exercise. Theres nothing for fourth place, so I just said, OK, thats enough.'. While McClain made her peace with how this year started, coming to the conclusion that 2021 wasnt her time, shes more committed than ever to turn 2024 into her Olympic year. Always has been, she just has a great personality and she's a good kid, Lorinda shared. "I was having a rough year inside the gym. In the run-up to the 1968 Olympics, Boston reportedly became Beamons unofficial coach after Beamon and other UTEP track athletes lost their scholarships for boycotting a meet against BYU because of the Mormon churchs historically racist views. Besides school and driving, Konnor loves to draw and paint, and is writing two books right now, one about foster kids and the other an autobiography. When she walked between six and a half and seven months old, Lorinda was concerned it was too early and even called a physical therapist to make sure it was okay. They taught me pretty much everything I know. A very talented, successful and much talked-about gymnast from a very young age, she caught the nations attention in 2016, at only 11 years old, when she featured on Steve Harveys Little Big Shots, proclaiming she had her eyes set on the 2024 Olympic all around title. To the untrained eye, it looks like hes just doodling while Suni practices. I feel like in 2024, when the season comes, I feel like it'll be a lot better that year just because I've been preparing for this for my whole life, McClain said. On the first rotation Sunday, McClain turned a .8 deficit into a 1.1-point lead after Jones fell on beam and McClain nailed her double twisting Yurchenko vault. The gymnastics that came so easily for so long to the precocious teenager had turned shaky. McClain posted a two-day total of 112.750, just ahead of Shilese Jones at 111.900. I showed her the rotation, and we just laughed, a fun laugh, like a good, Are you kidding me, type of How cool is this? A production company owned by LeBron James began filming her journey as part of a Peacock docuseries about Olympic womens gymnastics hopefuls. Rest with the greats. Though nerve-wracking to compete as a senior, the joy of competition remained the same. So I had to take that all in and put her safety and health first. An ankle injury delayed her preparation and left her unable to compete consistently in the all around. Since then, the site has transformed into a one-stop-shop for college gymnastics news, from recruiting analysis to meet coverage at the NCAA national championships thanks to the hard work of 15-plus contributors. Its easier to take it inif Im not OK, its OK now. It felt like he was there actually just with the patch there. In short, the episodes are far from The Ranch documentary from 2016. An organic, homegrown gymnast through and through, her success has come from her own methods, rather than from following the usual formula. Sitting on the couch next to her sister, Liv told Konnor to open the app. Since then, the site has transformed into a one-stop-shop for college gymnastics news, from recruiting analysis to meet coverage at the NCAA national championships thanks to the hard work of 15-plus contributors. Lauries watching Charlotte Drury train on trampoline. She arrived in Florida last week hoping to simply build momentum toward the world championship selection camp in October. OnlyCarl Lewis, who won four golds, has more Olympic long jump medals. Wrestlers' anguished plea: Can't PM Modi listen to our 'mann ki baat'? Known for her powerful yet technically proficient gymnastics, McClain performed a show-stopping beam routine Friday, posting the highest score of the night on that event. There McClain was on Sunday night during the final night of the 2022 championships, the talent that had always been apparent on full display, buoyed by a self-belief borne out of a mix of loss, grief and determination. After a half-hour process to locate and lay out tape, it was Boston who broke the news to Beamon that he had jumped 8.90 meters,improving the world record by nearly two feet. It was her first international with USA gymnastics and I'm just there having a good timemy cousin called or texted me and was like, I'm watching the meet and they said that McClain is going to stay on top. And I'm like, On top of what? I had no idea that she even had a chance to win and she was shocked too. Its not uncommon for elite gymnasts to have a Triple A personality and take any setback as a catastrophe, Liukin said. Morgan says it will get easier with time, hopefully. Now, I hate to sound like a broken record, but maybe training with an elbow that isnt fully healed is the reason it hasnt been getting any easier? While shes working on beam, Jess is scribbling judges shorthand, trying to figure out how to maximize her routines potential. I think it's considered a big deal because: 1) Timing. She was interested in four other schools, she revealed, including Georgia, Utah and Oklahoma, and it was a very hard decision in the end.. Granted, Gabby switched her head coach within a closer time frame before Rio, but Christian had already been coaching her. I started hating everything at that point., During that time, she was also filming Peacocks documentary Golden: The Journey of USAs Elite Gymnasts, and she was in such low spirits she was worried about the way she would come across. Konnor decided to switch gyms because things just kept going poorly at her gym. I was having a rough year inside the gym. Now that I've gotten older, it's definitely different. McClain was born in Nevada. Shes pushed an unexpected run at the Games out of her mind, reverting back to what the plan had always been: Paris 2024. Remember your why, remember why you started, remember how proud you made your dad. "Like, there's . Switching gears today for a live blog of the senior women's session at Winter Cup, where the likes of Konnor McClain, Skye Blakely, Katelyn Jong, and insert name will compete for the first time in the new triennium and the first time under the new code. Konnors dad says the reason people dont like Valeri is because he pushes girls so hard, but why else would they be there. She just is so self-driven that Konnor's going to make it work wherever she is., Though her coaching situation may be an unusual one, its certainly a perfect fit for her. In the run-up to the 1968 Olympics, Boston reportedly became Beamons unofficial coach after Beamon and other UTEP track athletes lost their scholarships for boycotting a meet against BYU because of the Mormon churchs historically racist views. Konnors mother Lorinda confirmed the news and said her daughter began training at WOGA on Tuesday (May, 25th) and will now be coached by Valeri Liukin. So sometimes we drive Konnor crazy, Lorinda shared, laughing. McClains father, Marc, passed away on 27 December due to COVID-19. The pair tell us how their friendship helped McClain get back on the mat. This was an easy decision for the family. When McClain arrived, Anna Liukin remembers finding a teenager nursing ankle injuries and her confidence level completely down. Konnor McClain, a U.S. gymnast who would not have been old enough for an Olympics in 2020 but became age-eligible when the Tokyo Games were postponed to 2021, will not compete in the national championships or the Olympic Trials this month. Slowly, she began the rebuilding process once again. Outside of gymnastics, shes most excited about getting to watch her sister play college softball. Born in 2005, McClain was originally too young to compete at the 2020 Games, but the postponement of the Olympics suddenly made her age eligible for Tokyo, drastically changing her plans. And then the Olympics is definitely there in the back of my mind, but I don't want to think about it too much right now, calling the 2024 Olympics her final goal, something shes been saying since she was at least 11. At least one woman who turned 16 or younger in the Olympic year made the last 10 U.S. Olympic teams. When she was little, she was very, very driven, very detail oriented, and anything that she put her mind to, she was going to basically work until she met that goal. The transformation that began when she switched gyms in a rush last spring ended with the 17-year-old atop the podium, a gold medal around her neck and her self-belief restored. After a half-hour process to locate and lay out tape, it was Boston who broke the news to Beamon that he had jumped 8.90 meters,improving the world record by nearly two feet. Everyones experiences are different, and its important to remember that. Boston was reportedly an inspiration for Beamon, having spoken in front of Beamon and his classmates in a high school gym in 1964. Her unconventional path started when an infamous video of Konnor became well-known in the gymnastics community completely by accident. Konnor McClains Olympic year was not supposed to go this way. Just to get it at the end of the routine's going to take some time, but just having that E dismount is going to really help, and she also has a laid out Jaegerwe're still working the laid out full on beamand the Arabian on beam.. Uncertain. Id won a gold, silver and a bronze in that order. Everything. You are using an out of date browser. Takahashi was trying to become the first figure skater to compete in the Olympics in their career in both singles and ice dance as medal events, according to Olympedia.org. In March 2020, Reed died of a sudden cardiac issue at age 30. Luckily for her, this National Team is only for a few months, and will be renamed at U.S. Championships, where she will get another shot to make it back on. It wasn't an aha moment or anything like that. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3860ed09bb427606f3c16e2d8cddaf3" );document.getElementById("af034859ed").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Daisuke Takahashi, who after an Olympic medal-winning singles figure skating career came back to ice dance, has retired along with partnerKana Muramoto, according to Japanese media citing a video on their Instagram. She then performed a balance beam routine in front of a studio audience.

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