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Call for partner laboratories

PEPPER launches its fourth validation cycle.

After the recently concluded call for a method on neurodevelopment, Pepper is launching a new call for partner laboratories to take part in the validation of a method on thyroid function: Fluorescent FITC-T4 Transthyretin Competitive Binding Assay for endocrine disruptors: FITC-T4 TTR (inhibition of the binding of T4 hormone to the protein that transports it).

The partner laboratories are taking part in the two validation stages:

– a first stage to assess the transferability of the method (can partner laboratories successfully implement the methods, with consistent results ?)

– a second stage to assess relevance and predictivity, with a ring trial on coded substances.

The final aim of the project is to submit the validated methods to international organisations (such as the OECD) to increase the availability of regulatory tools for characterising endocrine disruptors.

Laboratories wishing to join the 23 laboratories already involved in validations are invited to bid for Pepper support.

They can download the following document containing details of the method to be applied and the elements to be supplied to Pepper as part of the bid.

Deadline for bids: 31 July 2024

Please contact us at, or Torben.ö