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The Opportunity Committee plays a key role in the governance of PEPPER. It is he who must propose the biological test methods which will be the subject of the pre-validation work and therefore build a consensus on many questions.

Do the methods meet a need? To cover a mode of action of endocrine disruption not yet covered today and which is critical for identifying substances.

Are the methods mature enough to initiate the process? We must avoid methods that are only at the “good idea” stage, and still require a long technological development, but also avoid those that are already in the validation process in progress.

What priorities to give? Methods can focus on a wide variety of aspects for humans (obesity, cancer, development, reproduction) and others on species in the environment. These priorities deserve debate.

The plurality of the committee is essential. Scientific data must be solid and the committee includes scientists. But above all, all stakeholders must be represented so that all points of view are taken into account: national and international bodies which will have to judge the disruptive nature and need tools, producers and users of substances, NGOs involved on the protection of health and the environment, consumer and worker representatives. The use of animals in experimental procedures is an ethical subject that should not be overlooked and there is a representative on this subject.

FEBEA – Fu00e9du00e9rations

Franu00e7ois Audebert

AFSSI – Fu00e9du00e9rations

Gregory Lemkine

BFR – Inst pays UE

Michael Oelgeschlaeger

Agence franu00e7aise pour la biodiversitu00e9 – AFB

Olivier Perceval

European Comission – JRC/ECVAM

Elise Grignard

ANSM – Agences

Isabelle Fabre

ANSES – Agences

Cecile Michel Supplu00e9ant Chrsitophe Roussel

ECHA – Agences

Fabrice BROECKAER Suppl Christel Musset

MNHN – Agences

Jean-Baptiste Fini

FRANCOPA – Mu00e9thodes Alternatives En Expu00e9rimentation animale.

Francelyne Marano

Gu00e9nu00e9rations Futures – Asso envt

Francois Veillerette

FNE – Asso envt

Sylvie Platel

WECF – Asso envt

Marie-Jeanne Husset

Arkema – Fu00e9du00e9rations

Valerie Froment

BASF – Fu00e9du00e9rations

Sophie Penel

Fondation Maison de la chimie – Fu00e9du00e9rations

Sylvie chevillard et Ru00e9mi Maximillien

RISE – Inst pays UE

Kristina Fant

UBA – Inst pays UE

Anja Kehrer

DGPR – Ministu00e8res

Pascal Schuermans

DGAI – Ministu00e8res

Mu00e9lanie LAVOIGNAT

DGT – Ministu00e8res

Matthieu Lassus

DGRI – Ministu00e8res

Bertrand Schwartz

OCDE – Experts et chercheurs


INERIS – Recherche et du00e9veloppement

Sandrine Andres

ADEBIOTECH – Recherche et du00e9veloppement

Danielle Lando

AVIESAN – Recherche et du00e9veloppement

Etienne Blanc

CFDT – Syndicats de travailleurs

Elu00e9onore Evain-Dorado

Last update : 23 June, 2020 at 11 h 58 min