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The Relevance Committee holds a key position in PEPPER’s governance. Its members are in charge of selecting the test methods which will enter the pre-validation process; they must thereby aim at building a consensus around many questions.

 Is a method meeting an existing need ?

We are talking about the need to characterise a mechanism or adverse effect of endocrine disruption which is not covered yet and which is critical to characterise a substance as ED.

Is a method mature enough to enter the pre-validation process ?

The Committee will leave aside for now methods which are not advanced enough and still require extensive technological research, as well as methods which, on the other end, are already undergoing a validation process.

Which priorities ?

Some methods may address various aspects in relation to human health (obesity, cancer, development, reproduction), others may address issues for animal species in the environment. The Committee will be debating on which should be given priority.

A diversity of stakeholders involved

Scientific data on which PEPPER’s work rely must be solid and the Relevance Committee must include scientists. But it is more importantly critical that all stakeholders are represented in order to include a variety of points of views: national and international authorities in need of reliable assessment tools for EDs, substances manufacturers and users,  NGOs involved in human health and environmental issues, consumer organisations and trade unions. The use of animals in experimental procedures is an ethical topic that should not be overlooked and there is an organisation (Francopa) on this topic.

AlternativeMARANO FrancelynFrancopa
AgencePERCEVAL Olivier
AgenceMICHEL Cécile
(présidente du CO)
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Association envtHUSSET Marie-JeanneWomen Engage for a Common Future
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