Terms of use

These terms are translated from the original terms written in French. Should a divergence in interpretation arise between the two versions, the French version shall prevail.


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Website purpose

PEPPER’s website is a source of information and resources conveying PEPPER’s mission relating to the pre-validation of endocrine disruptors characterization methods. This website is one of the information channels for resources and other elements (tools, data, models, calculation methods) contributing to this mission and allowing for a better understanding of the issues at stake.

Intellectual property rights

This website contains materials protected by intellectual property rights. Users of the website must comply with the said intellectual property rights, including when downloading elements from the website, whatever their media (photographs, videos, drawings, charts etc.).

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Reuse of content

Public sector and environmental information: subject to the protection of third parties’ intellectual property rights, public sector and environmental information held or produced by PEPPER as per the regulatory definition are open for reuse under the following conditions: they should not be altered, their meaning should not be distorted and their source and latest date of update should be indicated.  Compliance with these regulatory obligations should not imply that PEPPER supports or validates the reuse of these information.

When accessing a third-party website through a hyperlink, the third party’s policies will apply.


PEPPER cannot be held responsible for any damage arising from the use of this website and its content or other websites linked to this one, including, and without limitation, any financial or commercial damage or program or data loss in the user’s information system. PEPPER cannot be held liable directly or indirectly for inaccuracies, omissions or mistakes or any equivalent in relation to the information contained on this website.

PEPPER is under no obligation to update information on this website after their publication.

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Any user noticing an obviously illegal content on this website must notify the website host (see legal notice) according to the procedure set up in the law. Any improper notification can be punished by law.

User obligations and warranty limitations

The content of this website has no legal or regulatory value. Documentation available on this website cannot be considered having any legal or normative effect. Information contained on this website cannot be considered comprehensive and their accuracy cannot be strictly warranted. Should a user notice information which he/she deems inaccurate in form or content, he/she can notify the website admin (see legal notice). The website editor (PEPPER association) remains free to update or not the notified element.

Personal data

When using this website, personal data can be collected by PEPPER for the following purposes: sharing newsletters, answering queries. As per the French Law of the 6 January 1978 (modified), Internet users have the right to access data concerning them; they have the right of modification, rectification, opposition, transfer and deletion of personal data which can be exercised by writing to the publishing director.

Exercising your rights

For any information or to exercise your hereabove mentioned rights, you can contact the data protection officer (DPO) through the association’s President.

Handling of personal data outside the EU

Should a third party be entrusted with handling the personal data collected from this website, they must comply with the European regulation on personal data protection.

Applicable law

Any issue arising in relation to the present terms will be interpreted and addressed according to the French Law. Where an amicable solution cannot be reached, the Courts where PEPPER has its registered office will have sole competence.