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The Ethics Committee gives its opinion to the Managing Director on any ethically sensitive or complex issue or in case of conflict of interests. Its opinion can be sought during appointment processes or when a personality involved in the association changes functions or career.

The Ethics Committee works independently and shall monitor the association’s compliance with the rules of professional conduct as per the French “Charte nationale de l’expertise”, i.e. :

  • A transparent and regulated governance
  • The disclosure of any link between the experts involved and the interested parties
  • A systematic and thorough follow-up on any environmental or health alert.

The Ethics Committee shall perform the following duties :

  • Give its opinion on internal rules of procedures
  • Follow the principles of scientific integrity
  • Be involved in the monitoring of public declarations of interests
  • Provide an opinion on conflicts of interests beyond financial aspects
  • Provide an opinion on ethical issues related to animal testing.

Members of the Ethics Committee are appointed for 3 years.

The Ethics Committee meets at least once per year, upon request of the association’s President or of a quarter of the Board members or of a quarter of the General Assembly members. The Committee is made of 2 personalities who are not part of the association and one who is a member of the Relevance Committee.

Members of the Ehtics Committee are :

  • Claire TUTENUIT : Déléguée Générale – Société pour l’environnement
  • Tristan BERGER : chargé de mission Comité de déontologie (Ethics Committee at the French federation of patients associations)
  • Benoit LESAFFRE : ingénieur général à l’Académie d’Agriculture de France (French Academy of Agriculture).