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PEPPER’s organisation is supported by a governance typical for « associations » (as per the French 1901 Law definition), with Committees warranting efficiency, respect of ethics and transparency.

PEPPER features a small permanent team, liaising with the various governance bodies and committees of the association and ensuring a seamless and transparent workflow. The permanent team is in charge of identifying and screening emerging methods to support the selection operated by the Relevance Committee.

PEPPER’s permanent team :

First name SURNAMEFunction on PEPPERContact informations
Philippe HUBERTDirector[email protected]
06 13 28 33 51
Elise GRIGNARDExpert toxicologist [email protected]
06 26 73 31 67
Kelly DE JESUS Ecotoxicologist [email protected]
06 15 59 99 96
Louisette KAISERMANNAssistant [email protected]
06 12 52 80 84

Other missions include :

  • Monitoring and digests
  • Managing the testing programs
  • Supporting validation applications
  • Coordinating all the logistics around the pre-validation of test methods.
Operational management

PEPPER subcontracts the tests and operations which are run via chemistry and biology laboratories for obvious safety and technical reasons.

The General Assembly elects the Board members and adopts the association’s budget.

Board Members are listed below in alphabetical order :

FEBEA Françoise AUDEBERT Secrétaire
Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie Philippe GOEBEL
France Chimie Philippe PRUDHON
Minafin Laurence JACQUES Présidente
Ministère en charge de l’agriculture (DGAL)Cédric PREVOST
Ministère en charge de l’Environnement (DGPR) Philippe BODENEZ Trésorier
Ministère en charge du travail (DGT) Frédéric TEZE
Composition of the Board of directors on 17/12/2020

The Board’s missions are:

  • To define a strategy for PEPPER
  • To decide on the association’s organisation
  • To ensure the Managing Director runs the association in accordance with the strategy established
  • To ensure the good functioning of the association
  • To update members of the General Assembly with the annual accounts.